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Understanding Diesel and Regular Fuel

March 27, 2019

The automotive industry is always changing and expanding, with scientific and industrial advancements making things more efficient or sometimes making things cleaner. Most typical cars on the road will operate using gas-powered engines, but there are quite a few vehicles for the road which are diesel-powered.

Virgin Valley Fuel Mart provides fuel for both gas-powered vehicles as well as diesel-powered vehicles traveling through the Mesquite area, and we’ll give a quick overview of the differences between these two types of fuel and how they are used in current practice.

Engines Operate Differently

One important thing to understand about the types of fuel they need is that different types of engines require different kinds of fuel. Combustion engines - both diesel and gas engines work through combustion, but have a different method of processing the fuel. It is important to remember that these two types of fuels are not interchangeable in your car, or cannot be chosen based on cost. The specific fuel for your vehicle should be used in your car - your engine is meant for one or the other. Economically, diesel fuel provides an option that is less difficult to refine, making that process lesser.

To put in the simplest way, gasoline is thinner than diesel fuel. Diesel is more like the consistency of oil. If you put gasoline in your diesel engine by accident, make sure you get it to a repair shop to drain it out. The moment you start up your vehicle, damage can be done, so it is important to catch the error before starting up the car if at all possible.

Fuel Efficiency and Emissions

Generally diesel fuel and diesel engines get better mileage than gas-powered. Many of our recent technological advances are helping make progress with diesel fuel emissions. With modern technology, drivers are better able to monitor the status of their emissions and in turn have better control over its effects.

Often, the cleanliness of the fuel comes into play and can play a role in the levels of emissions. Using quality fuel from brands you know and trust will be helpful in keeping your engine running clean. 76 fuel is a well-respected brand and has stood behind the quality of their products for many years. When fueling at a 76 station, you can be sure you are getting top quality fuel for your vehicle. Virgin Valley Food Mart pumps 76 gas in Mesquite, and is the perfect place to stop if you are in need of a place to park or to fill up on diesel fuel.

Main Uses of Diesel

Many of the larger, heavier vehicles will run on diesel fuel, like firetrucks, busses, major industrial equipment, boats, and more. Many of our core industries rely on diesel fuel to keep their operations going - including anything that requires shipment of goods, like farmers or construction crews. Shipping of all kinds, freight, and other transport services like trains also use diesel fuel to power their operations.

Another reason diesel fuel is used for many of these important industries throughout the country is that the fuel is less flammable than gas and may not explode as easily under certain conditions. When electricity fails or feeds for electricity go down, as with some remote areas, there can be diesel-powered generators in place to be able to generate electricity for the nearby areas. Also, some more remote and smaller locations, as with Alaska, run their electricity solely on diesel generators. Many places of importance like hospitals or other similar kinds of facilities might have diesel generators present in case of a power emergency as well.

Cars Running on Diesel

Just as there are many different uses for diesel fuel that you may not have know about previously, there are many different kinds of cars that you seen out on the road that run on diesel fuel, but you may not have guessed.

The pickup trucks with an obvious level of power (just by looking at them you know) definitely run on diesel. The large models, like the Dogde Ram 2500 or 3500 will have diesel engines, like many of the big rig trucks you’ll find at the top American car manufacturers. Big trucks are part of the identity of the brand. It is understandable for these kinds of large vehicles to run on diesel as compared to the industrial machines or farming equipment that would require diesel.

Some little known luxury brands offer alternative vehicles with a diesel engine option. Here are some luxury automakers who make diesel-friendly vehicle choices:

Many European carmakers would be more likely to offer a diesel option in their vehicles, and Mercedes offers diesel for both their M-Class and GL-Class sedans.

With most of the luxury brands boasting the fuel economy of their diesel models, Jaguar is no different. They offermany models of vehicles with the option for an upgrade to a diesel engine.

Along with Range Rover and BMW, many of the luxury sedans and small to mid-size SUVs offer options for diesel engines. Many other automakers in more compact or standard sized vehicles like Chevrolet, Volkswagen, or Jeep also have plenty of models in their fleet that run on diesel powered engines as well.
Do you operate a vehicle that runs on diesel fuel? For those traveling in an RV through Southern Utah and into Las Vegas, make sure to stop at Virgin Valley Food Mart during your trip. Our facilities are clean and well-maintained, but we offer much more than just our cleanliness. Our lot is the perfect place to stop and park as well as refuel for your journey ahead. Our food mart is stocked with lots of food, snacks, beverages, ice, and more to keep you sustained on the road. You can also fill up on propane while visiting, or make your way across the street to the Virgin River Casino for some fun.