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Holiday Activities Near Mesquite, NV

November 23, 2018

The holiday season has arrived, starting with many people’s favorite meal of the year at Thanksgiving. If you’re traveling through the Mesquite, NV area make sure to stop at Virgin Valley Food Mart. You can park at our location if you’re towing a fifth wheel or traveling by RV and enjoy some of the things the local area has to offer. Members of the Mesquite community have organized some great events to participate in your travel plans include Southern Utah or Southern Nevada. Here are some events and upcoming community efforts to look out for near Mesquite, NV:

History of the Area

The City of Mesquite has organized a local Community Thanksgiving Dinner. It is an annual event the city puts on at the Senior Center free of charge for guests. It is a generous and kind gesture for the City to host a meal for the community. They also promote the history of the area and encourages exploration of the Virgin Valley Heritage Museum. The museum is one of the top things to do in the area of Mesquite and also provides a large selection of material you can browse in their online catalog. It is a great way to enrich your understanding of the community as you travel through or stay to enjoy some of the natural beauty of the area.

Small Business Saturday

If you’re in the Mesquite area the weekend of the 24th, don’t miss your chance to participate in Small Business Saturday. The Mesquite community encourages the growth of new small businesses and promotes uniqueness in business to help communities innovate. Stop in to a few local stores that Saturday and visit Virgin Valley Food Mart for snacks, ice, beer, or gas for your trip ahead or during your stay. You can also stop by the local Mesquite Chamber of Commerce to learn about shopping and to receive a map (between 8-10am). You can use this opportunity to check some holiday shopping off your list.
holidays in mesquite nv

Upcoming: Parade of Lights Food Drive

December 5th you can experience something unique while giving back to the community with the annual Parade of Lights Food Drive in Mesquite. You can join the local community in the fun of the parade - just bring out your chairs and some blankets to keep you warm. If you plan ahead for your trip, make sure to bring along some cans of food for donation to the drive. The proceeds will be donated to The Salvation Army and the Virgin Valley Food Bank. The parade will feature all kinds of creations, all of them lighted to create a spectacle that shouldn’t be missed. It’s a great opportunity for the community to come together and appreciate the area and local events.

You can also drop off a donation of canned food to the Mesquite Recreation Center anytime in the Front Lobby of the building in their donation boxes. If you’re just passing through and want to give back, this is the perfect opportunity.

St George for Shows

Dicken’s Christmas Festival

Experience 19th Century London in Southern Utah at the Dicken’s Christmas Festival. You’ll see actors in full character and costume throughout the area and enjoy old shops and browse through unique wares and gifts. If you’re traveling with kids, they can even meet Father Christmas during the festival.
a christmas carol

There are musical performances scattered through the “streets” and you might catch a part of “mini-productions” of both Scrooge and Oliver Twist. Get in the Christmas Spirit with a visit to Dicken’s Christmas Festival November 28 - December 1. The festival is only a short drive from Mesquite to St. George, where you’ll find many other activates and local attractions. If you’re traveling through the area this season, make sure plan ahead and make a stop at the festival.

Tuacahn Theater

As an alternative to a more traditional approach to getting in the holiday spirit with Dickens, visit Tuachan Amphitheater in Ivins, UT for a new style of Christmas. If you’re making your way south to Mesquite and passing through St. George, you might want to make a stop over to Ivins to catch this unique show. Fairy Tale Christmas is told through the lens of the fairy tale villains of the stories we all know so well, as they capture Santa and attempt to get rid of happily ever afters. The show is based on a book which became a hit musical by M. Scott McLean and Michael McLean. If you and your family are looking for something that is not so typical for a holiday themed show, this is the perfect option. The show begins November 29th and runs until December 22nd, so take the time to make plans for your holiday travel and enjoy some unique experiences along the way.

With the holidays on our doorstep, there are so many efforts in the community to bring people together and be generous with their giving spirits. The Mesquite area has so many great efforts and events to bring the local community together or to give to those in need each year, and it is a wonderful way to participate this year while traveling on the road. If your travels will bring you through Mesquite, make sure to stop at Virgin Valley Food Mart for a great place to park and stay for a while or to stop in for something to eat or drink while continuing your journey on the road. Out 76 gas station will give the RV drivers plenty of space for an easy entrance and exit, so make sure to visit our convenience store while traveling in Mesquite.

Things You Never Knew About Gas & Gas Stations

November 6, 2018

It is part of our daily routine, transit in a vehicle of some sort and stopping for gas. We use it to get us through the cities we live and we use it to travel on vacations or to get across the country to a new venture. But the way we use gas and gas itself has changed over time with many interesting aspects to learn about along the way. Here are a few things you should know about getting gas on a road trip - perhaps through Mesquite, NV, where you can stop for gas at Virgin Valley Food Mart and 76 gas station- but elsewhere out on the road, you can learn some interesting things about fueling up.

Temperatures Affect Gas

You might not think about the state of the gas depending on your location or the idea that gas is treated differently depending on where it is. Getting gas in colder temperatures means your gas might have a higher level of butane. The gas you pump in a cold climate will be different in some ways from the gas you get in the high temperatures in the southern states. If you’re taking a road trip, you might want to consider the route your taking for longer trips and maintain a similar climate when you can. It is an interesting fact many people would not be aware of while traveling and getting gas on the road.

Gas Contains Detergents

If you read our previous article about using 76 gas stations for quality fuel, you learned a little bit about detergents in fuel and why. Typically detergents are added to fuel to help clean your engine and maintain a clearer environment overall, but they are considered to be top-tier gasoline and maintain highly held standards with the EPA. Detergents are not like the soaps we clean our clothes with but they have a very important function which acts as a cleaning agent in a way. Many vehicle owners will prefer to use top tier gasoline like 76 gas to prolong the use and function of their investment. This is why many high end car manufacturers will recommend using only premium gasoline in their engines.
gasoline in mesquite nv

Top Tier Club

Based on the detergents present in the gasoline, the EPAs standard does affect the labeling of gas stations as top-tier, or not top-tier. In order for gas to be considered top tier, it needs to surpass the EPA’s minimum standard for detergent inclusion by 2.5 times the amount. This is part of the understanding when choosing to get gas at one of the larger companies - you are sure that you will be receiving this higher quality, top-tier gas as opposed to something with a lower detergent count. You can find 76 gas at Virgin Valley Food Mart, considered a top-tier gas that exceeds the EPA standard, so you can be sure it will always be of high quality.


Gas is Priced Down to the Cent

Many years ago, pricing things down to the tenth of a cent had more of an impact as it does today. Gas prices in the 1930s were very strange, and interestingly enough, were similar to what they are today. Because of inflation, the price of gas would soar in that era, which comparatively would be shocking to see today. The price of gas often was in the 0.25 - 0.30 cent range, and that measure is still how we see it priced today.

1920s Gas Stations

After the model-T, many American families were able to buy a car, and gas stations became much more necessary for the average person’s means for travel. During the 1920s there were significantly more gas stations in the country than there are today. Cars at that time were less equipped to handle long distances, and would require stopping more often, which meant more stations were needed to service the traveling public. It was less alike to the gas station and convenience stores we are used to today, and more like the small kiosks you might see on the side of the road for water or other necessities like that.

Fuel Pricing & Trends

Over time, you can see different energy trends take hold, and in the 80s, wind turbines became a very popular way to collect energy with many interested consumers. Oil pricing in the 80s became increasingly favorable for motorists and in 1986 there is a report of a Exxon station near Austin, TX which began giving gas away - literally giving it away for free - because prices were so low and they were trying to attract attention.

The Beginnings of Fried Chicken

A fun fact about gas stations is that what we now know as KFC actually started out as a service station in the 1930s. In Kentucky, the well-known Colonel behind the chicken franchise was serving food to customers traveling through his station. As time progressed, he changed things over to become a restaurant and removed the fuel pumps and we all know where we are today.

The US has an interesting history when it comes to gasoline and gas stations around the country - and there are some things about gasoline which can help you as you travel or make your way on longer road trips. If you are passing through southern Utah on your way to Las Vegas, make your way through Mesquite to enjoy some of the attractions the area has to offer. If you are traveling by RV, our location at Virgin Valley Food Mart is the perfect place to stay in between your destinations. Park at our station and enjoy all the amenities we have to offer, like wifi, as well as the nearby activities like the hotels, restaurants, and casinos.

Have a question for our team at Virgin Valley Food Mart? Contact us online to reach out directly or follow us on Facebook to learn more about the area to help with your travel plans.

Things to Do Near Mesquite, NV

October 22, 2018

When you’re traveling through Utah and into Nevada, you’ll typically make your way into Mesquite, NV. Many people are familiar with what Las Vegas and Salt Lake City have to offer, but what about the city in between these two major areas? Mesquite, NV is home to Virgin Valley Food Mart - where you can stop and park your RV with us to enjoy some of the unique attractions Mesquite has to offer. We offer parking for the hour, day, or week, so you can plan to stay a while and explore a little more.

Golfing & Golf Courses

One of the top things to do near Mesquite, NV is golf. While you might not have guessed, Mesquite is home to eight different golf courses from which you can take your pick. Wolf Creek Golf club is nestled into the extraordinary landscape of the Mesquite desert. The buttes and rock formations surrounding the course are spectacular to see. Another option, at the Oasis Golf Club, features the Palmer course - designed by Arnold Palmer in the mid-90s. It is believed to be one of his favorite designs of his career and is conveniently located in Mesquite for your enjoyment.

Open to to public in Sun City Mesquite, Conestoga Golf Club is another favorite location for travelers to experience. Alike the other courses in the area, the 18 hole expanse preserves nature at every turn and showcases some of the natural elements like rock formations and natural water features. This course is only one hour outside of Las Vegas.

Hotel & Casinos

Virgin Valley Food Mart is definitely your go-to place to stay if you’re traveling by RV, but we’re also located across the street from the Virgin River Hotel & Casino as well as the Eureka Casino. Staying at the Virgin River gives you a great home base to venture out into some of the activities nearby. The casinos in the area have top rated table games and friendly staff members to play a few exciting hands while you’re in Mesquite.

The hotels and casinos also provide the opportunity for a wide variety of dining options. From buffets to upscale dining to quick-service, you’ll be able to find something to suit your needs. Make sure you stop into Virgin Valley Food Mart before you head back out on the road to stock up on snacks, beverages, and gas for your trip!

Activities in Nature - Gold Butte

The surrounding beauty near Mesquite, NV is definitely something to witness, so make sure to find your way out into nature during your stay or travels near Mesquite. There are a few sights in particular that many people visit each year - one of them is Gold Butte National Monument.

The area is an expanse of almost 300,000 acres and boasts the incredible desert landscape colors of rich reds and yellows against a blue sky. If you are able to visit Gold Butte, you could potentially ride horses through the hills, spot bighorn sheep, or even hike to see historic imagery on the rocks. Learn more about what Gold Butte National Monument has to offer and its areas of interest in our previous feature on exploring the natural sights near Mesquite.

Virgin Valley History Museum

As history informs us, the western frontier was home to many settlers and pioneers who established many of the towns and communities we know today (or are home to us today). The Virgin Valley area houses the Southern Nevada area including Mesquite and Bunkerville. In order to preserve the histories and stories from the pioneers of the Virgin Valley, a Heritage Museum was established in 1984. Even the building itself, which is now the Virgin Valley Heritage Museum, has a rich history - originally serving as a library, then a medical facility, a boy scouts meeting place, up until its current usage.

At the museum, you’ll find everything from photographs, journals, and personal items, to tools and consumer goods from historic origin in the area. They even feature an online catalog of their museum you can browse before visiting.

Some travelers enjoy learning a bit more about the history of the city or state, and the Nevada Welcome Center is a great way to do so. Stop in to learn about some of Nevada’s rich mining and frontier life and how it grew to become what it is today.

As you plan your trip, consider including some of the activities or sights to catch during your stay in Mesquite or travel through on your way to Salt Lake City or Las Vegas. Virgin Valley Food Mart provides a perfect location to park and play or fuel up to continue on your journey. Learn more about Mesquite and the surrounding attractions by following us on Facebook. Read more helpful tips and advice about traveling in an RV from our blog.

Questions for Virgin Valley Food Mart? Contact us through our website directly and we will address your needs. Located just across the street from the Virgin River and Eureka Casinos, we provide an open and easily navigable space to get gas in Mesquite and also restock with plenty of options for snacks or all types of beverages for your trip. Park for any duration of time you like - by the hour, day, or week, depending on your needs. We look forward to meeting you at Virgin Valley Food Mart soon!

Our Top RV Travel Tips

September 19, 2018

Traveling in an RV can be one of the most luxurious ways to take a road trip; some really feel like a hotel on wheels. But whether you are an experienced RV-er or more of a novice, a few tips and helpful ideas will ensure you have a smooth and un-eventful road trip to your vacation destination and back home again. Having a few of these things checked off your list will give your peace of mind when traveling in an RV - especially in the deserts of Nevada and Utah. At Virgin Valley Food Mart, we meet many RV travelers on the road and a few of these tips might keep you safer or better prepared for your next trip:


Securing Your Cargo

If your vehicle has undercarriage compartments for storage, it is a great opportunity to keep loose items tucked away and safe, where they won’t be able to move about in the cabin of the RV. Packing as much as you can inside these holds is a smart way to save space for the things you’ll need on-hand.

Although cabinets can latch and ensure your dishes or food don’t fall out, big bumps in the road or a rocky surface might rattle things up quite a bit on the inside. Be smart about how you arrange your kitchen and ensure that anything breakable be either secured down and immobile, or padded to ensure its safety. You can use things like kitchen towels or paper towels in between ceramic plates to minimize any rattling that might occur from a stack of dishes. The same could apply to glass bottles of cooking liquids or anything standing upright in the cabinets - use something like a basket or plastic bin to house these items and place padding in between when in transit. The absence of that noise alone could be helpful on a long bumpy trip.


Know Your Vehicle’s Capabilities

If you plan on traveling somewhere with dirt roads or intend on going on rougher terrain in your RV, take the measures to make sure that is something your vehicle can manage. Although they are larger and more powerful vehicles, not all of them are made to withstand very rough roads or terrain. Be sure before making the trip to an off-road adventure that your RV can hold up.

rv capabilities mesquite nv

Another side of the coin is knowing what your vehicle can do. It is very useful to know exactly how much the storage tanks hold, how long the generator typically will last, and all of these kinds of metrics. You don’t want to run out of anything and you definitely want to be sure you are keeping an eye on it all.


Map Out Your Dump Stations

While many rest stops offer pump and dump services, not all of them are desirable or easy to maneuver a large vehicle into the space allowed. If you do a little homework before embarking on your journey, you can map out the time and distance you’ll need to find a dump station for your RV. Look for gas stations or rest stops which have a large space to not only turn into, but also has a clear and spacious exit for your way back out.

pump dump parking gas station mesquite nv

If you pass through Mesquite, NV on your way to or from Las Vegas or Salt Lake City, Virgin Valley Food Mart provides the perfect place for you to stop with your RV. We offer parking on our lot, which also has access to free wifi during your stay. It’s a convenient place for pump and dump as well as some fun while you’re stopped. Across the street at the Virgin River Hotel & Casino and the Eureka Casino, you can grab some food or play some games to pass the time. At our facilities you can also fuel up on diesel and propane, get some snacks, beer, wine, and ice to keep things cool as you head back out on the road.


Available Drivers

Sometimes only one person on a trip can be the one behind the wheel of the RV or motorhome, but it is a smart idea to have at least one other person who could operate the vehicle in case it was needed. After driving for long periods of time traveling long distances, it can be helpful to be able to switch drivers and get some rest in between shifts. If only one person can drive the rig, there may come a time when you need to stop because the driver needs to rest. If you want to save some time, make sure you have other available drivers for your trip.


Be Prepared for Small Repairs

You might need to repair something small like a door handle during the course of your trip. Things happen, and it is always a good idea to keep some helpful items on hand when traveling in an RV. Make sure you have some tools with you - hammer, nails, screwdriver or drill, a wrench, and some of the basic handy tools that don’t take up too much space. If you have some strong tape, strong glue, an extension cord, and any small items to keep you covered if something comes loose or needs to be tacked down, a temporary solution is sometimes necessary.

rv repairs parking mesquite nv

Getting ready to hit the road in your RV? The key takeaway is to always plan ahead and know your stuff. Make sure to check in with us at Virgin Valley Food Mart if you are traveling through Mesquite, NV for a clean, spacious, and friendly place to park your RV. Follow us on Facebook to learn more tips and advice about road trips and traveling in your RV. Check out the nearby travel destinations in the surrounding areas in the valley to see some memorable and unique natural attractions. Contact us with questions you have about visiting our location before you begin your trek on the road.


History of the 76 Gas Station

August 21, 2018

People know the 76 Station brand from the orange circle and blue numbers. As a reliable and known station since the 30’s, 76 Stations have been a solid and strong contender in the oil and gas market because of their commitment to quality of product. Offering premium gas and quality services, Virgin Valley Food Mart is happy to provide 76 gas to the community surrounding our location as well as the many travelers coming to us from Salt Lake City or Las Vegas. Mesquite is a great place to stop on any longer road trips between these cities, and 76 gas is the reliable way to get you from one side to the other. This ubiquitous brand was formed in 1932 and the history of the 76 Station is one to be shared with their consumers.

Where It Started

76 stations originated in California, operated by Union Oil of California, otherwise known as Unocal. It was a popular brand in the Los Angeles area and grew in popularity and recognition throughout the west coast upward toward Seattle. Since its genesis the company has gone through other changes of ownership and now operates in company with Conoco and Phillips 66. There is a mysterious nostalgia that surrounds the brand however, and people have come to remember then and recognize now the same commitment to quality.

The Orange Ball

While the company, Union Oil established itself in California in the 30’s, the well-known orange ball did not come into play until 1962. These orange 76 balls were a part of the brand’s signage, but this kind of invention in signage was actually quite radical for the time. The designer, Ray Pederson, had referenced the typical gas station signage that was used as a “lollipop” style. This hampered its visibility in his mind, as it was only visible as it spun in two directions at a time. The sphere that became the 76 ball was his solve to the lacking visibility in signage and it became instantly memorable. 

Five years later, gas stations began distributing them to the public as antenna balls. This incited almost a craze of individuals representing the brand on their own vehicles, sporting the little styrofoam 76 balls on their radio antennae. The bright colors could be seen as helpful if spotted in a winter storm, but did not actually have any function, just a knick-knack and now, a nostalgic picture.

The 76 brand has since done away with the spinning orange sphere atop most of the gas stations, as they ran into different road bumps like energy concerns, and ultimately followed the trend of keeping things more simple and clean to represent their culture. Many west coasters found the change to be upsetting, since that styrofoam ball brought back sweet California memories and nostalgia from the 1970s, but it is important for brands and companies to reinvent and promote new ideas.

You can get your own piece of history - some people have their personal car antenna 76 balls for sale on eBay!

Commitment to Quality

Ultimately, 76 stations focus on providing the highest quality and always meeting their high standards. They pride themselves on being the cleanest stations available for their customers, and at Virgin Valley Food Mart, we keep that focus ourselves as well.  

What’s in a Name?

The name of the company - 76 - is not as well explained. There are theories online that describe the name stemming from an association with American independence - 1776 is the year of the American Revolution. There have been different marketing campaigns which reference the “spirit of 76” referring to the liberty and independent spirit of the founders of the county. This is more of a sentimental association and could be the inspiration for the name of the gas company itself.

Quality Above All

At 76 gas stations, you can be sure you will be met with quality products. As a tenant of the ethos of 76, the PRO clean fuel is top of the line and the best fuel you can use in your vehicle. There are a lot of benefits that come with using top tier fuel, like keeping your car’s engine from getting buildup and clogs, as well as keeping the underside of the hood a lot cleaner than with other types of fuel. The best part about getting gas with 76 is that you know that any type of fuel you use is top tier. Even the unleaded (not premium) fuel is top tier, so it is just a smart way to ensure you are using the best products to protect your investment.

The difference in cost for consumers to receive the best quality fuel they can for their vehicle is also extremely minimal. If you think about what you might save in automotive repairs when compared to the few extra dollars that might go toward better gasoline, it is the more economical choice in every way. If you choose to visit 76 stations for your fuel, you can be confident you are filling up your tank with the best option at your disposal.

Looking for more information about our gas or our station? Follow us on Facebook to learn more about the history of the 76 stations as well as some helpful advice to guide you along your journeys on the road. Virgin Valley Food Mart is the perfect stopping place if you are traveling by RV - you can park on our grounds to sleep, but enjoy plenty of entertainment conveniently located within walking distance of our station. We’ve got all the snack and supplies you’ll need to keep you going along your way, so be sure to stop in and check out our facilities while you are in Mesquite if you’re just passing through. Check out our guide for some activities to keep in mind as you travel through the area and catch some of the lesser seen parts of nature!