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Highlights of Virgin Valley Food Mart in Mesquite

February 15, 2019

Through our Facebook page and blog, Virgin Valley Food Mart has been sharing some tips, advice, and things that might help our customers along their journey. Our articles feature interesting topics like the history of 76 fuel, to some of the sights to see near our location that you might have overlooked. Be sure to check out the highlights from our previous year and learn a few new tips for RV owners or anyone traveling through Mesquite, NV.

How to Find and Use a Gas Station with your Fifth Wheel or RV

For those who aren’t entirely comfortable with maneuvering strange spaces in a vehicle as large as an RV, it is very important to take some precautions before heading out for a trip in your RV. For new RV owners as well, it can be very worth the time it takes to review some locations for fueling and parking to stay overnight and be sure it is “RV-friendly.” You’ll be looking for large open lots with plenty of room to enter and exit the spaces. The gas station at Virgin Valley Food Mart leaves RV drivers with plenty of space in the fueling area. We also offer propane and plenty of snacks and beverages to help fuel the rest of your journey.

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Use 76 Gas Stations for Quality Fuel

It is important to treat your refueling as you do other smart choices in your life like when selecting restaurants to eat at or places to buy your food. Some gas stations do not have equal products, and it depends largely upon the quality of the fuel and how much it affects your vehicle’s performance over time. Sticking with a station like 76 whenever possible allows you to have peace of mind in the quality of their products.

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History of the 76 Gas Station

76 gas station have existed in the US since the 30s. The recognizable branding of the orange antennae ball was popularized and made the gas station memorable. Beyond their marketing ideas, 76 stations have always promoted that you will find quality synonymous with the brand itself. They aim to be consisted with their products to allow their customers to rely on them and trust what they have to offer. It is true that 76 gasoline is PRO clean fuel, the best that you can use in your vehicle.

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butte near mesquite nevada

Exploring Nevada: Sights Near Mesquite, NV

Just a short drive from the lights of Las Vegas you’ll find many of natures desert beauties, and the sights near our location in Mesquite, NV provide much to see. Two of the most popular attractions to visit are Gold Butte and Whitney Pockets. There you’ll witness incredible rock formations and splashes of color spanning the 360,000 acres of Gold Butte. Whitney Pockets will display a colorful expanse of sandstone in reds, yellows, and whites to contrast the blue desert sky up above. You can study the fissures created in the sandstone to develop caverns and intricate carvings and petroglyphs of the past.

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Our Top RV Travel Tips

If you are new to operating and living in your RV for a period of time, there are some tips and advice to consider to make things easier in the long run. While you are traveling, make sure you have a plan to keep things secure that are loose in the cabin. While you might plan to drive down normal, paved roads and highways, you could encounter some bumps in the road, and they can be more jarring than you’d expect at times. Another important thing to remember before setting out on your trip would be making a list or map marking all the places you will stop to refuel or rest. Having this plan ahead of time allows you to relax and think ahead during the drive.

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Things to Do Near Mesquite, NV

The area surrounding Mesquite and Mesquite itself has a lot to offer visitors either passing through or staying for length of time. There are plenty of beautiful golf courses that you can experience along with plenty of other natural and outdoor activities like hiking through the BLM land at Gold Butte. The Virgin River Hotel & Casino as well as the Eureka Casino offer some entertainment with friendly staff and top rated games as well as a place to stay. If you’re traveling by RV and need an affordable place to stop near Las Vegas, Virgin Valley Food Mart has parking available as well as Wifi for guest’s use.

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76 gas stations

Things You Never Knew About Gas & Gas Stations

Most of us have grown up with gas stations being on most major street corners, especially in larger cities. One would think that there are more gas stations in the country now than compared to the 1920s, but in fact there were far more stations back then. The reasoning goes back to the capabilities of the cars being manufactured, so then a car would not be able to get as far before needing to refuel as it does now. Another fun fact related to gas stations is that the ubiquitous KFC got its true start as a service station and offering food to the fuel patrons.

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Why are Convenience Stores Getting More Popular?

Convenience stores are meant to provide convenience for people throughout cities and traveling through towns. It’s no wonder they are rising in popularity as many people are conscious of making efficient choices with some shopping habits. Many people know that a convenience store will have limited selection for a variety of types of products, so while you’ll likely find what you need, you won’t have to walk very far or sift through many different types of things. Most of the items you’ll find at a convenience store will be sustenance like food and beverages, to things that are more like necessities - like engine oil, toiletries, and things that you might need at any time.

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You can always find the perfect place to stop when traveling between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City at Virgin Valley Food Mart. You’ll have plenty of space to get your vehicle into the area as well as enjoy the wifi while you stay. Check us out on Facebook or on our blog to learn more about the area and some things to do while visiting.